"THE TENANTS UPSTAIRS" is a special project by the LOST in JB team, inspired by detective novels and the Korean variety show 'Crime Scene'. We are the first to introduce the "Role-playing Investigation Game" concept to the region, and we hope our players will enjoy this new game genre as much as we do!

In a "Role-playing Investigation Games", players take on the roles of the suspects and detectives of a bizarre murder mystery. Among the numerous suspects lies 1 true killer. The killer must hide his identity, whereas the other suspects and the detective must gather evidence and piece together scattered clues to try and deduce who the true killer is. The game is the ultimate test of logic, deduction and deception.

The story behind 'The Tenants Upstairs' :
In Fortune Apartment lives a single 48 year old rich man called "Landlord Shi". He has a strange personality and a bad temper, and all his tenants dislike him. Even weirder is that the 7th floor of Fortune Apartment is a restricted area, none of the tenants are allowed to go up there. However, one day, Landlord Shi was found dead lying in a pool of blood, someone had given him a heavy strike on the head. The 5 tenants in the apartment immediately became the top suspects. Was this an accident or a planned murder? Visit the scene of the crime, it is up to you to find the real killer.

A forbidden storeroom, and a bizarre murder mystery. The real killer is among you...
5-8 Pax
Player Range