Hua Shan Sect’s Yue Bu Qun is one of the most powerful Wushu masters within the martial arts world. Many individuals have came forth to Hua Shan to learn the art of Wushu, hoping that one day they can use what they’ve learnt for justice and protect their homelands.
Yue Bu Qun was constantly worried about the foundation and position his sect. In order claim power for himself, he planned to incite the 5 sects to fight against each other. Yue Bu Qun went to the length of capturing you and other Hua Shan disciples within the Cave of the Golden Snake, placing the blame on the Wu Dang Sect, and deceiving the martial world.
Trapped under the landslide and with the ground cracking below you, who would have thought that this mysterious cave would have a martial art skill that cannot be rivaled. If you can successfully learn this martial art, you might be able to break through the rocks, and escape from the cave.
3-8 Pax
Player Range