Special Halloween Haunted House! LOST in JB (Mount Austin) presents a unique haunted house experience titled “No Entry”. Muster up your courage and step in, what horrific secrets will you uncover in this remote and hidden village?

“No Entry” Background Story
"You are a group of very close friends, spending most of your days together having fun, while also constantly chatting in your group chat. Two days ago, one of your friends suddenly went quiet. Using your mobile phones, you pinpoint his last seen location, bringing you here. Further ahead is a quiet little village that you’ve never seen or heard of. The village is heavily fenced up, seemingly warning you not to venture in. There seems to be no electricity is this village, and only waning candlelight shines on the path ahead. A kind passerby sees your group standing around, and decides to help you find your friend. You take a deep breath, and step into the forbidden land…”
Player Range
Fear factor