Nicky is an online horror novelist. She is obsessed with creating a masterpiece, and thus decided to take a different approach in telling the tale of the haunted doll Annabelle in her latest piece of work “The Story of Annabelle”. In order to get inspiration and immerse herself inside the world of Annabelle, she spent all the money she had saved to buy the now deserted “Warren Family House”. Even though she put in so much effort, Nicky’s work did not gain much popularity as she remained a relatively unknown author.

You are a few of Nicky's fans. You really enjoy Nicky's work and have always been supportive to her. Nicky treats you guys like friends as well, and you keep in contact often. Recently, Nicky stopped publishing updates to her online serial novel, and none of you have been able to contact her. Worried about her safety, you decided to head to the place she lives. As you step closer, a terrifying new chapter begins……
2-8 pax
Player Range